Mother’s Day 2022

It is almost that time of the year again. Mother’s Day is Sunday 8th May

KIDS!! Why don’t you leave the chocolates, candles and soppy cards in the shop this year and get Mum something she ACTUALLY wants. A photo with you! We know it is so embarrassing when she gets out her phone and tries to get a family shot everyyy time you are together so why not call her bluff and book a session with us. You could surprise her with a photo of you and your siblings (and secure your position as favourite child for 2022) OR even better, get Mum in the photo and have a session together.

DADS!! Why not win yourself some brownie points and pre-plan a Mother’s Day session for your partner with the kids.

MUMS!! How many photos do you have in your phone of you with your kids? Whether your kids are younger or older, I am sure you are more focused of taking photos OF them instead of photos WITH them. We are always just waiting for that one day when we have lost the weight, have a nice outfit on, have freshly done hair and have a full face of make up on. Let’s get real, how often would this happen? I say rarely.

Get in the photos now! One day, photos may be all that we have to help us remember. Embrace the now and capture the moment for a treasured forever memory.

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