Special Needs Photography

It all sounds too hard, doesn’t it? What you want more than anything is some beautiful photos to capture every stage of your life and family – but the thought of trying to get everyone to smile, be happy and engage in a photography session just seems impossible.

I promise you, it doesn’t have to be.

Why choose me as your Photographer?

πŸ“· I provided care for my brother who was born with Cerebral Palsy and I am a Part-Time Integration Aide at a nearby country Primary School so working with children or adults with special needs is my passion.

πŸ“· I understand the need for patience, making adjustments and want to work with you not just for you.

πŸ“· I can be flexible if the day of your booking just isn’t a good day.

πŸ“· I don’t need to get eye contact to the camera I just need you to relax and enjoy.

πŸ“· I have both indoor and outdoor facilities so you can choose which will best suit.

πŸ“· I can create change to make the environment as simple or as supported as need be.

With my brother, Troy

“I can’t wait to capture these special moments in your life”

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